All our half board guests get a choice of the Breakfast Menu, Evening Meal, Consist of 3 Courses

Club Dante Drinks Menu Club Dante Breakfast Menu
Fresh Orange Full English Breakfast (included)
Red Bull Turkish Breakfast (included)
Cola Cheese on Toast (included)
Sprite Fried Egg on Toast (included)
Fanta Boiled Egg on Toast (included)
Fanta Lemon Scrambled Egg on Toast (included)
Fruit Juice Egg & Chips (included)
Mineral Water Egg, Bacon and Chips (included)
Water Egg, Sausage and Chips (included)
  Bacon Butty (included)
Beers Sausage Butty (included)
  Beans on Toast (included)
Large Beer Toast with Butter and Jam or Honey (included)
Small Beer Creals (included)
Light Beer Omelette (included)
Carlsberg Club Dante Snack Menu
Cider Hamburger and Chips (included)
Becks Club Dante Burger and Chips (included)
  Club Dante Cheese Burger and Chips (included)
Local Spirits Chicken Burger and Chips (included)
Vodka Hot Dog and Chips (included)
Gin Bacon Sandwich (included)
Brandy Sausage Sandwich (included)
Raki Jacket Potato Served with Selection of Filling Cheese, Tuna May. (included)
Liqueur Beef Chilli of Curry Sauce (included)
Glass of Wine Toasted Sandwich Selection of Fillings (included)
  Steak Sandwich (included)
Coffee Drinks Chicken Sandwich (included)
Irish Coffee (Whisky, Coffee, Cream Sugar) Ham Cheese Sandwich (included)
Mexican Coffee (Kahlua, Baileys, Cream, Sugar) Tuna Fish Sandwich (included)
Claypso Coffee (Tia Maria, Coffee, Cream, Sugar) Club Sandwich (included)
Baileys Coffee (Baileys Coffee Cream) Vegetable Sandwich (included)
  Mixed Sandwich (included)
Club Dante Starters Menu Chilly Beef Sandwich (included)
Tomato Soup (included)  
Chicken Soup (included) Club Dante Pasta Menu
Mushroom Soup (included) Spaghetti Bolognaise (included)
Onion Soup (included) Spaghetti Napolitan (included)
Garlic Bread (included) Penne Arrabiata (included)
Garlic Bread with Cheese (included) Lasagne (included)
Garlic Mushrooms (included) Penne All Pollo with Meat (included)
Stuffed Mushrooms (included) Penne All Pollo with Chicken (included)
Prawn Cocktail Penne All Tonno (included)
Onion Rings Penne Shrimps (included)
Cheese Spring Rolls Penne Alfunghi (included)
Grilled Vegetables (included)  
Fried Calamari Club Dante Pizza Menu
Grilled Calamari Margarita Pizza (included)
Spanish Shrimps Corriciosa Pizza (included)
  Hawai Pizza (included)
Club Dante Salads Menu Tuna Pizza (included)
  Ham and Cheese Pizza (included)
Seasonal Salad (included) Spicy Chicken Pizza (included)
Green Salad (included) Spicy Beef Pizza (included)
Greek Salad (included) Meat Monster Pizza (included)
Grilled Chicken Salad Vegeterian Pizza (included)
Nicoise Salad Mixed Pizza (included)
Exotic Chicken Salad Pepperoni Pizza (included)
Exotic Beef Salad  
Sea Food Salad Club Dante Vegeterian Menu
Crab Salad Vegetable Casserole (included)
Tuna Salad Vegetarian Fajita (included)
Chef's Salad Vegetarian Pizza (included)
  Penne with Vegetable (included)
Club Dante Kids Menu Vegetable Grill Plate (included)
Kids Pizza (included)  
Kids Fish Fingers (included) Club Dante Chicken Menu
Kids Chicken Nuggets (included) Grilled Chicken Breast (included)
Kids Burger (included) Chicken Schnitzel (included)
Kids Chicken & Chips (included) Chicken with Pepper Sauce (included)
Kids Bolognaise (included) Chicken with Mushroom Souce (included)
Kids Sausage & Chips (included) Chicken Mexicano (included)
Baked Beans on Toast (included) Chicken Kiev (included)
Kids Meatballs & Chips (included) Chicken Curry (included)
  Tai Chicken (included)
Club Dante Special Menu Chicken Shish (included)
Club Dante Special Kebab Plank Chicken (included)
Traditional Turkish Casserole Garlic Chicken (included)
Doner Kebab (included) Chicken Skir Fry (included)
Iskender Kebab (included) Chicken Napolitana (included)
Ottoman Kebab (included) Chicken Princess (included)
Coban Kavurma (included) Chicken St. Tropez (included)
Shish Kebab (included) Chicken with Vegetable Sauce (included)
Lamb Chops (included) Honey Flovoured Chicken Curry (included)
Sultan Kebab (included)  
Tandır Club Dante Traditional English Menu
Meatballs (included) Fish and Chips (included)
Islim Kebab Steak Kidney Pie (included)
Mixed Grill Shepherds Pie (included)
D&S Kebab Liver Onions (included)
  Chilli Con Carne (included)
Club Dante Mexican Menu  
Beet Fajita Club Dante Steak Menu
Chicken Fajita Fillet Steak
Shcrimps Fajita Sirloin Steak (included)
Mixed Fajita Fillet Pepper Sauce
  Sirloin Pepper Sauce (included)
Club Dante Seafood Menu Fillet Diane Sauce
Grilled Sea Bream Sirloin Diane Sauce (included)
Fillets of Seabass Fillet Mushroom Sauce
Grilled Calamari Sirloin Mushroom Sauce (included)
Fried Calamari Fillet Mexicana
Calamari Casserole Sirloin Mexicana (included)
Shrimps Casserole Fillet Tornedo Rossini
Fish Casserole Sirloin Tornedo Rossini (included)
Grilled Cod Fish Fillet Fillet Napolitana Steak
Mixed Sea Food Plate Sirloin Napolitana Steak (included)
King Prawn Fillet Plank Steak
Lobster Termidor(Please order 1 day before) Sirloin Plank Steak (included)
Fish Cooked in Rock Salt (Please order 1 day before) Fillet Bearnaise
  Sirloin Bearnaise (included)
Club Dante Dessert Menu Fillet Steak Black & White
Apple Pie (included) Sirloin Steak Black & White (included)
Pancake (included) Fillet Onion Steak
Banana Split Sirloin Onion Steak (included)
Fried Banana (included) D&S Steak
Chocolate Cake (included) Beef Stroganoff (included)
Ice Cream T-Bone Steak
Pine Essence Pudding  
Fresh Fruit Plate  
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